Thursday, December 27, 2012

Back in Action

I took a short break from the blog for a while in order to make some fairly major changes in my life but no to worry, all are working toward the greater good (whatever the heck that is) other than this massive hematoma I am sporting on my quad at the moment. In the past couple of days it has shrunk from football sized to a small Nerf football size. Most noteably of the changes is that I a now a full fleged "Friendly City" resident. (Thats Harrisonburg for those of you not in the know) I do however regret to inform yall that it  is very unlikely that I will be doing any time out West this winter which is a total bummer. We just got our first snow, and was overcome with that feeling of impending doom that I will be cold, grey and wet for the next couple of months. Its all good. I have got more than a few major projects in the pipe and others comin' a knockin'. Enough with the words already. Time to take a dump of some favorites I have shot since September.

Tim rolls in on one of the smaller recently discovered steeps...

He shot this one of me at the same spot...

On the coals...


Kurt gettin' big on little wheels...



  1. Good to have you back in blogland MasterNaters. You know how like back in 8th grade your friend signed your year book "Stay Awesome Nate!"

    I'm glad to see that recent changes in life have left you keeping it awesome.

    I will give you a shout next time i'm in the Burg.


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