Friday, August 10, 2012

On the Rocks

Been getting out and doing some trail riding down in the Highlands of Viginia as of late where its a bit cooler and soaking up the lifestyle of the good folks down in Harrisonburg. I could bore you with the details of our trail rides, post milages, GPS tracks and calories burned, but if you know me, I rally dont give a shit about such trivia. I could also try and paint a picture of why it takes us so damn long to go 12 miles, but if you really want to know, you will venture with us. You ask where are my race reports? My stats? Well in the past year or so I have gotten to that place again where the head gets the best of me and racing once again takes the fun out of riding. I stop having fun somewhere along the way and realize I just need to turn it down a notch and enjoy the trail. That doesnt mean, I didnt have a blast at The Curse picking fools off one by one with The Tractor in tow, picking the pro lines through the brush after having not ridden there since last year. Sometimes you just have to boof it and hope it all works out on the otherside. Kind of a medaphor for life at the moment. We hit the gravel and I went backwards. Im ok with that. Here are some photos from Big Schloss and Sherando in recent weeks.


  1. Keep on keeping it extra extra real!!!

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