Monday, July 9, 2012

The Amazing Race

While everyone else in the world that gives a rat's rearend about cycling was glued to thier television sets watching that Tour de France, the folks down in Harrisonburg, Virginia were once again hosting a Tour all thier own. For the past 15 or so years, it has been called a lot of things: "Cheaper Than Living" and "The Only Race That Matters" are a couple of tag lines that come to mind. This year's motto was "It the Hardest" and hard it was. But the end of the week, the GC was less than half the size it started off as, with far too many jerseys changing hands to keep track of. Days were 6- 10 hours long on back country trail with one day boasting over 150 blowdowns from a freak storm that blew up after Friday's prologue. Road sections were 100ish miles with about a third of that on steep gravel and daily temperatures reaching into the triple digits. Much like that "other tour," the drama was thick and I have my suspicions of at least one doping scandal that is still up for debate. At night the beer flowed freely; the food pleantiful. Folks unwound and talked of the days highs and lows. The geek speak of heart rates, power outputs and Strava scores were minimal, but did reer thier ugly heads, but for the most, I succeded in avaoiding such trivial data. The terrain once again proved to be the great equalizer, forcing fitness folks to slum on the technical sections, then allowing them to put the hurt on the backwoods riders on the road days.

R U Nuts made a random appearance at the proplogue

Friday's time trial is underway

Mike C pulled in behind us on Saturday to clear the way to the trailhead

Tour mascott chilled hard in the shade

Matt had a good Tour and makes some repairs during lunch

Collin Becker popped his Tour cherry and walked home with not only the overall win, but also the Super D jersey

Peek-a-boo. Mike Boyes emerges from shoulder high grass

Cupcakes cool down during a party pace section

Women's Leader and 6th place overall, chills in the stream

Ellusive All-Mountain Mike dressed to impress

In the pain cave

The suffering was legendary

Rueben Kline was plagued with flats all week, but was able to walk away with the Sprinters jersey

Local hot spot

Il director ready for take-off

Mole Hill, Reddish bound

Pedro sports the latest in Tour haircut fashion

 Stoked on a fresh cut

Buck had a great Tour this year

Blowdown madness

Roadies seek shelter from the sun

Carpong throws up gang signs

Break-away group gettin some

Dan provides top notch support

Sprint leader suffered two flats in less than 5 minutes on this gnarley road

Rueben makes his way back

Nick Waite makes use of available resources to find his way back to the group

A light rain was welcome on the ride back to town

as were cold refreshments

Refresh and reflect

End of an era at the JV HQ

Things got weird on the last day

Two seconds, no lie

Wasnt this guy in Gummo?

Until next year, AMF!