Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Night on Firsts

I had heard rumors for some time of this cabin within bikes reach of the city. Now bikes reach can mean different things to different folks. I mean I did make my way out to Brunswick after work one night, but as to not blowout the spot, we shall leave it at that.

Last week, I had a cancellation on my book which gave me the evening to myself, so I peaked a bag hopped on my bike and pedaled a mix of pavement, double and single track before shouldering my bike and walking out into the water to the lonesome isle and it\'s vacant cabin which seems to have not had visitors in 3 years. I looked around a bit before hopping out on the rocks to catch a magnificent sunset. Mosquitos were biting once the sun dropped behind the trees so I headed back up to the cabin, lit some citronella candles and lounged on the porch. Lots of Huey\'s thumped by overhead and frogs chirped. All but a few geese had seemed to have gone to bed. A lone owl howled in the distance as lightning illuminated my surroundings for a moment. Thick clouds obscured a nearly full moon from time to time, however from the moon\'s glow, I was able to make out the clouds bellowing shapes before making another appearance and illuminating the river once again. This would not only be my first night spent out there, but also the maiden voyage of the Sawyer I recently picked up on the super cheap.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Fountain of Youth

This week consisted of some decent adventure, some of which will discussed in its own post at a later date. Yesterday, I got out a few fellow members of the Race Pace/ Trek mtb squad and played amongst the wet rocks. It would seem some choose not to change tires depending on the terrain and several of the dickskin tires ended up cut. Normally, the sealant inside would plug the hole, but when the Stan\'s bogger inside the tire resembles a piece of cauliflower, there is probably little liquid still swishing about. As expected with the RP crew, when wheels were actually turning, it was surge, surge, attack, attack, like angry ants, mad with the smell of fitness. However, flats would once again plague the ride, and another 20 minutes would pass trying to get a dry tubeless tire to seal. Maybe it seemed that long after numerous applications of rubber cement which made me forget about the hammer being dropped on me moments prior. Then, we would start off again and quickly remember, struggling to hang on, sluggish from yet another glue application. Were we really out for 5 hours? Then I headed ver to the steep side and took a token shuttle run with Jed and the boys.

Today was another gloomy day, and more or less a disappointment. I have been trying to track down a frame for a print I\'m selling, and it\'s proving to be problematic after my goto store shut its doors. I called off the search at around 3:30pm and went for lunch where I was once again accosted by an obnoxious crossfit trainer who used terms like "fountain of youth" to describe his program. I was tempted to tell him to drink from my fountain of youth, but focused on my pizza instead. He lost interest before reaching the point in the conversation where I end up cussing him out and throwing his crumpled up card on thebar. That was so last month.