Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

Its been a couple of weeks since I have posted, not because I have been dropping the ball, but because I dont have internet at the apt and I have been leaving the camera behind and focussing on the pedals.I have been spending more time on riding with the gravity crew after my time in Sedona, but not before getting some miles on the legs. I am what the referred to in Chidren of the Corn as an "Outlander." I was called a downhiller by a group of lycra clad XC folks and "fag" by a downhiller. I then inquired about his Terry saddle and if the women's specific design did wonders for his labia. Lest I degress.

Big day at the shed last weekend included 4 hours with xc pinners and then another 2.5 with the DH pinners. Successfully avoided getting cuffed for lipping off to DNR police for riding what he referred to as "unestablished trail. " I have ride this bit of trail for the better part of 15 years. I think it's pretty well established at this point. I also made it through iceberg with only one dab. A personal best for me. All in all a good day in the shed. Got some mid week hours of power behind me before doing some more dirty downhilling on Sunday.

Race Pace/ Trek teamate Anne Gaylean drops in on the gnar...

Photos by Matt Delorme

I also went through the schedule of events for the season and here are the ones I would like to make it out to. Note, this does not include monster big rides such as The Rim or the Full Monty.

SDS 2 day April 21-22
Michaux Maximus April 29
Hooha June 9
Tdb July 4th week
Dark hollow July 22
Tressel Enduro July 26-29
Teaberry sept 23
Moab sept 29-30
Festival oct 10ish

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