Monday, March 26, 2012

Play Time at The Fort

This whole no internet thing at the house is killing my ability to get my blog on. Last weekend was a good ride with the Virginia crew on Short Mountain. The sky looked ominous as I got up and made my way West, but just outside of Front Royal, the clouds opened up to sunshine and warmth. We sessioned sections time and again. Frustration reared its ugly head on occasion which told me it was feeding time again. heading south on the ridge, the rumble of distant thunder brought on a feeling of anxiety, but that didnt stop the fun. Falling Watters took a nsty spill over the bars on a drop off, rang his bell pretty good, broke his helmet and got a gusher over the eye, but in the end he prevailed. Wes scoped out some new lines which will be ridden in the weeks to come.

Here Tim hops a log of respectable size and immediately rides the spine of this rock. Hot!

Collin 2.0 sequence...

A short film of a long day on Short Mtn...

Pwappa Relaxcyling on Short Mountain with Spaghettilegs from Scott Wootten on Vimeo.

This week was the National Bike Summit in DC and I went down for a couple events and got a great night ride in with friends by the cherry blossoms and around the monuments. This photo is not from that but from a full moon night ride at Patapsco a couple weeks back. First time riding there in 2 years?

Yesterday was supposed to be a big day with lots of folks on Short and Jawbone but wet weather scared many away. Those who ride Fort Valley know that the area has its own weather pattern and just because its pouring on one section does not mean the sun wont be out elsewhere. We optted to ride Kennedy's to Veach as we had some reliable intel that it didnt rain much on that section. I was running far behind schedule so I parked at Veach to ride south and meet the others on the ridge. It was raining steady as I began the climb but stopped as soon as I started to climb. The east side of the ridge was engulfed with a heavy fog while the west side was warm and clear. A good group from the burg risked get wet and risk paid off. That section of ridge rolls!

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