Monday, January 23, 2012


So much has happened in the past week. On the drive out Collin got a call from Nick Pence saying he just passed us on I-40 going the otherway before we landed in Flagstaff where we spent the night and went to a friend's engagement party. The past couple days have been good. I earned the felted Bruce Lee Tee shirt a few days back, got the tour of the big new stuff that feeds into the old big stuff ala Damifino to Hangover. Tommahawk is about as steep and tech as it gets. Steep, steep roll-ins. Scary steep, tight switchbacks. A proper DH trail where bike control and skill win out over just letting the bike do the work for you. Would love to hit it again, knowing what I am getting into and also shoot some photos along the way. This is about as good as it gets. Wake up late, work on the bikes, ride your guts out on top notch trail with good peeps until the sunsets and then back to the house for food and hangouts then pass out early. Riding with different folks on the daily and seeing familiar faces on the trail is super cool. Its a small demographic of cyclists that come to Sedona for extended periods of time. After a week here, I am feeling the effects of pinning it on the daily. Tired legs and arms, as well as an increase in fitness. Three weeks to go and much trail to be ridden. Not shooting much with the pocket rocket so images will have to wait.

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