Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall is officially here, which means the summer duldrums have finally come to an end. With the cooler temps and low humidity, comes the inspiration for getting out and going big on the bike. This autumn has been wetter than usual, however things cleared up just in time for the Fall Festival at the Stokesville campground. Zero percent chance of rain in the forecast for the first time in over a month and perfect day time temps for getting out and doing trail work and riding.

Next weekend, I will be heading down to Damascus, Va for 4 days of backcountry riding with SMT and a few other hand picked riders with another weeekend of what right now look like perfect temps and no chance of rain. Feel free to soak me on my commutes this week if it means perfect weekend conditions.

Weekends are quickly filling up as I dont see one without plan in the next month or so. By then, things will be crazy at work, buckling down for the holidays and before I know it, I will be on my way to Sedona once again for fun in the sun while the rest slum in the cold winter. But dont fret, I will be back in time to get in a snow ride or two, and maybe even the Superbowl ride.

A teaser from the weekend...

WWCD? (what would coach do)

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