Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Follow

These words uttered by Jim Potts sometime during Sunday's ride. I had no intention of riding with anyone at The Shed, as I woke up before dawn, snuck in a hike and breakfast at Tastee's before heading out to Frederck as the sun began to rise. I started from the bottom of Vandal and felt good on the new bike. Things have come together nicely. Cleaned Skink before heading toward Sandflats where I heard some voices in the woods. as they approached, I decided it could only be Don and sure enough he and Potts came right at me. All of us sat for minute trying to decide which way to ride and finally made our way to Iceburg where I had a PR of 3 solid dabs and one stab dab. Doesnt sound like much but, 2 of those dabs where just due to a greasy rock and losing the front tire. I cleaned all of those bits that usually give me fits. Now its just a matter of stringing all of those sections together. no big deal right? Anyway, it was good to ride with Don and Jim. I just saw Jim a couple weeks back at the North Fork, but I dont think Don and I have ridden together all year. Its always good to stay somewhat fluid and let things happen as they will. We rode down Vandal for the first time which is even better than the climb. There may or may not be pictures to follow.

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