Monday, August 8, 2011

On Friday, a box showed up at work for me, so I rushed home after a long and not so stressful day at salt mine and scrambled to see what was inside.

There could be anything in there...

Details, details...

Details include custom stem, fork, racks with bottle mounts, and one of a kind graphics. Took it out for a spin around the Watershed and suffered some new bike blues which is to be expected, but felt righteous amounst the rocks. Dicky would have a conniption due to the uncut cables tied and flopping about. I lost a couple of bolts and called it a day early, but not before clocking some good milage, showing the locals of my top secret spring and sitting in a small swimming hole with 6 dudes. My camera took a dump on me due to humidity, heat or just being a finicky, digital, object with too many electronics. It began to work again once I got home. Grrr....

so lets talk the bike. I talked geometry at nausea with Todd at Black Cat and he talked me into trying somethings that were a bit out of my comfort zone such as a top tube that sounded much longer than anything I had previously ridden. I gotta say, the discussions paid off, and the bike felt very comfortable in the rocks. I didnt feel cramped and the short rear kept the bike from feeling slugish on the tight stuff without being to twichy. We rode down "deathmarch" with is an old double track with rollers gallore and the bike felt stable at speed yet easy to pull up and speed jump the rollers. There are a few things I need to sort out on the build, and a suspension fork will be going on, but it was great first ride on the new bike. Now I just need to get single speed fit again.

I pulled out all of the stops on the build as the parts have been accumulating for over a year now.

Wheels are I9 with brown DH spokes and Ardent rubber, the rear being a 2.25 LUST and the front a 2.4 exo set up tubeless

Easton Haven bars with XTR trail brakes(xt rotors) which are amazing

Eno cranks with custom 28t chainring for clearance. Felt a bit small on the flats but good in the crawling rock sections.

Thomson post regal-e seat with carbon rails, king ti cages and headset.


  1. Conniption?

    I mighta vomited in my mouth a little, but no conniption.

  2. Sweet looking ride. Like the lines on that bike.

  3. Beautiful looking ride there Nate. I vote leave the cables long and messy.


  4. beyond long and messy. coiled and bread tied

  5. I saw some close-ups on the Black Cat website. Sweet ride, Nate! I want one.