Monday, July 11, 2011

Sinking In

Yes, I am still hung up on the Tour. It was good. So many good times, I am still sorting through and others are just coming to me. So much suffering, good riding, good people and hangouts. I look through my images, hoping to relive some of the week through them, but they only offer a glimpse into one brief moment of the event. It was everything compounded that made it such a great feat. One day would be enough for most but to push through day after day, waking to think, "Oh man, I have to get on that road bike and race 80 miles today, much of it on gravel, before mountain bike racing this evening," makes for a tough make up call. I gotta give Collin props, and if there was a "rockstar" award, he would have sealed the deal. This guy showed at Carp's house with a 40 of Olde English one night and was rumored to be out dancing until 3am the first night. Dude lives off hotdogs and sour patch kids and was in the top 5 all week until flats on the last day knocked him back to 11th. Tough break.

I lived to race as a youth and into my early 20s but started to get to a point where racing was taking the fun out of riding so I walked away. It took me a while to learn how to ride for fun again and I refused to go to races because I remembered how it had left me salty. Last year, some riding buddies were going to race at Michaux, and I was hesitant, but went. It was fun and pretty chill. I have done a few races here and there and have had mixed feelings. But the Tour is the one event I have been to that really puts the fun back into racing. Its all about fun and riding your ass off, for numerous days. Its fun and hard as hell. No sooner than I thought about dropping out of a stage did I start having fun again. No big money, no sponsorship deals. This year Sam Korber won the Tour de Burg and all he got was a crappy T-shirt.

Poloroid moments...

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