Thursday, July 7, 2011

Culture Shock

I arrived back in the DC metro area last night after a 6 day get-away to the hills of the Shenandoah Valley for the 16th annual Tour de Burg stage race. As I rolled down I-66, the traffic got more frantic and people seemed restless, like those moments on the trail where you know you can pull past another rider but the opportunity seems like an eternity to present itself. Sick of the CDs I brought, I turned on NPR to check in with the real world, and find myself grinning as I hear the Lybian rebels have taken another city, but unable able to stomach our own national politics, the CD goes back in the player for another turn. This morning I woke up after pretty much passing out as soon as I walked in the door, to find cat turds on the furnature. Pick it up and out the door to drop some film for processing. I snicker as a woman in car covered with bike racks honks at the car in front of her a millisecond after the light turns green. Every morning for the past week, I had nothing to do other than wake up, throw as many calories in the tank as possible and ride my bike as fast as possible for several hours. Today feels odd not having to spend it in the saddle, yet my mind still tells me nothing else matters. Today I have a glimpse of what was when I returned from Arizona this winter, and will probably spend much time today explaining to people that I am not stoned, just content and maybe a little tired. Photos and Tour detail to follow.

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