Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yesterday was the end of my weekend so I spent it running errands and then rode over tomy parents' house for dinner. I packed a couple of cameras with, neither of which were of the digital variety so I have nothing to share on that front. As the sun began to sink low, I got antsy, said my goodbyes and headed for the river, where I found a great spot to watch the sunset. I rode some of the single track along side the river as it got dark, but the full moon, let me roll without firing up the light. I made a few stop along the way to try and get some photos, which I am eager to see how things turn out. I was shooting with the Blackbird on some expired Kodachrome 64 I picked up out west this winter.

I got forwarded a copy of this year's stage layout for the TDB and it looks like a winner. Stoked to see Schloss/ Trout Pond back on the agenda. With that stage being so early in the Tour and so much fun, I will have some making up to do if I want to wear that DFL jersey.

Fri July 1—MTB - ITT Massanutten
Sat July 2 –MTB - North Mtn-Trout Pond-Schloss
Sun July 3 – ROAD - Massanutten Mtn - Cub Run-Woodstock Tower
Mon July 4 –MTB – Camp Todd-Chestnut-Narrowback
Tue July 5 - ROAD- Reddish Knob – Todd Lake
Tue July 5 – MTB – ITT Rocktown Trails
Wed July 6 – MTB - Union-Flagpole-Timber-Wolfe (from Hone Quarry)

Also, I am lacking a road bike, so if you have a beater to lend, I would be forever grateful and would be happy to share my winnings. I say "beater road bike" because I am a beater of a road rider these days and wouldnt feel comfortable rolling on your pimped out Madone. 57-59 with 23 tires would be great. Thanks in advance.

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