Sunday, June 12, 2011

The geared bike has made me lazy, or maybe my new found laziness just goes well with the bike that has gears. Another late start and off to Frederick, once again arriving in the Watershed just in time to catch Pat and the Race Pace squad as they were wrapping up thier ride. For me, it was Skink, New Blue, Iceburg, New Burg, Pit/Viper, up Supersweet, down Deathmarch before climbing the road, cutting back over to blue, Dave's Trail, connector, Kublai Khan and up Blue taking me deep into Gambrill where I got caught up in a thunder storm. I felt right at home on the EWR, and although, I didnt have a personal best on Iceburg, all of the dabs I did have where on sections I usually clean, and owe those dabs to not maintaining as much speed as I would on the single or fixed gear. Slow steady moving with minimal food and water consumption felt good and consistant, moving the whole time rather than big outputs of energy followed by a break and then on the coals again. I will say however, it is much easier to go fast on the single as I am quite comfy slow rolling the geared machine. My plan was to do a big loop in Gambrill, but although the rain was short it did a good job of saturating the soil so I had a nice long road ride back to the vehicle. Ran into some familiar faces out there, which isnt uncommon in Shed as I have been lurking in those woods for a cool decade now, dabbling in various riding crews.

I was reading Dicky's blog and it looks as though he will be at the Tour de Burg after recieving an official invite. I can only wonder why I got no such email. Its like that time the chick I was hanging with at the time went to the country house for the holidays and all of my friends went. I wasnt invited. But this time I am going to just show up and watch the awkward expressions, as if to say, "oh hey, I didnt know you were coming." Maybe they are trying to set up a cetain rider for the DFL position I will surely be in contention for. It will be difficult to hold on to as last year's DFL, Texas Toast is rumored to be returning to defend the jersey, but there will be heavy competition from Dan Oates who should be landing in town just in time for the tour and then there is Metro from Richmond who was caught training on SDS by napping on top of Elliot's. Only time will tell.

In other news, the Tour Divide has gotten underway without me as I burned up my time and peaked early trying to complete another, equally pointless endurance ride which nobody has yet to complete in a single push. Local boy Denis Chazelle is currently in the lead for North Bound race.

Made a friend on the ride today...

Look closer...


  1. Good seeing you out there today. That T-storm dumped quite a bit of rain on us.

    Need more info about that friend though. Found in your truck? On the side of the road? Or did you jump off your bike and strangle that thing so you'd have a trophy to take home?

  2. I've got a good crop of hair and a full beard that you can use a a blank canvas at the tour. We'll get that minute this year! I can't wait for the slum.

  3. HTF did that get into your car??

  4. I admit, it was fresh road kill. Rode for a couple of miles with that guy dangling from my bars. The plan was to dry that guy, but flies are far too quick.