Friday, June 10, 2011

For those of you who don’t know, Thursday is the middle of my week which is why I am scarce on Saturdays. Today started off with cutting my Mom’s hairs and as the tradition goes, out to lunch afterwards. My afternoon at work fell apart so I figured I would head out in search of a swimming hole. I got off to a late start and the thought of sitting in rush hour traffic chafed me, so I hopped on the Purple People Eater and headed out to the river. The plan was to take a leasurely spin out to Great Falls in hopes of snapping some photos of the folks jumping from the cliffs. I made several stops along the way for a dip and noticed the river, which was well out of it’s banks a week ago was now back to it normal height. By the time I got out to the Billy Goat Trail, the sun had yielded way to clouds and few folks were still out and about. I watched the fire department running drills on the river then began to head back as The Gods above had begun to make some noise. On the ride home, I saw much wildlife including an eagle, several massive snapping turtles and a few beavers.

As usual, my thoughts wandered while I rode. I thought long about the movie I watched last night titled “The Last Mountain” about mountain top removal coal mining. The topic itself is quite disturbing, but what I found even more troubling is that I was one of three people in the entire theater. Ignorance is bliss I suppose. How a company with 60,000 environmental citations get off paying nothing is beyond me. I say make them pay, pass the costs on to the consumer and then perhaps we will think a bit more about where our power comes from. Hell, my AC is running nonstop as I don’t pay for utilities here. Why the heck should I conserve? On the same note of being “green,” some old hag in Toyota Pious felt the need to pull up along side me and roll the window down from her air conditioned shitbox to give me some advice on riding in the city. In so many words, I let her know that I am “greener” than her at which she floored it and sped off. Nice. It only conserves gas when you DON’T drive like an ass.


The Great Escape...

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