Monday, June 27, 2011

Black Cat

I know you all have been waiting patiently for the unveiling of this creation that has been 14 months in the making, 3 months longer than I had expected. The suspense has been killing me; like a kid waiting for the sun to come up so he can open his Christmas gifts. My Christmas has come gone and come again. Here are some photos.

Some assembly required...

You are probably wondering why there are two frames pictured in that last image. Although not pictured, I have been assured my fork stem and rack look amazing. I'll let Todd tell the story...

hey y'all.

nathan, meet sean. sean, meet nathan. you guys have been unknowingly standing next to each other in line for a year.
thought you may want to start the "waiting for my black cat" support group.

got the frames back from the powder coater. they turned out beautifully. one problem. they mixed up the colors.
called the powder coaters, they acknowledged the mistake and said they will turn the corrected colors around asap.
hopefully they will stick to it. usually they've taken about a week, it is not normal for this three week turnaround business.

i'm off right now to the ups store to send them back.


nathan shearer to Todd
show details 8:40 PM (3 minutes ago)

I am not so much worried about having a new bike as I just give those
who fall to the bottom of my blog roll shit. Post up already!

Cant hate on Todd. He just builds them. There is an old saying in the blue collar world: measure twice cut once. Lets just hope the guys at the paint shop are better at matching colors than they are at organizing their workload. Dont worry, Todd is good peeps and I am confident he will make sure its right before it leaves his hands. Christmas in July? I can only hope.

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  1. Looks great dude. Bet it rides just as sexy too.