Monday, May 16, 2011

This weekend consisted of no riding as my knee is still recovering from SDS in hopes of being in top notch condition for something good in the weeks to come. I did however get out to Schaffer to have a looksie at the new pumptrack project that is underway there. It reinforces my theory that pumptracks are built small and tight to limit speed and often leave me with the same felling of getting in go-cart to find it has a governor on the throttle. By the time I get on my back wheel and really start pumping, I need to grab a handful of brake to make it around the 4' radius 1' high berm. Hater? No. Sometimes I am pleasantly suprized as I was with that sketchy ass track around the pool in Arizona. Great for the kids and good for folks new to using their bodies to propel themselves. I will continue finding my flow on the Hoyles Mill Connector.

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