Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Many Faces of James Way

No, I am not talking about a street or supermarket, but something more much more personal and intimate. We are talking about a man, not just any man, but a man who seems to be living a rather tragic and tortured life; one that seems to be full of emotion and I can only assume pain. For some reason, perhaps just my own hope and desires, I see a future for this individual, so rather than wasting my time writing and your time reading about my daily state of being, I will simply choose the mugshot which most closely resembles my mood for the day.

Today's mood...

This holiday weekend anyone who is somewhat plugged into the mountain bike scene has more than enough events to satisfy even the pickiest of paletts with the Transylvania Epic, the Giro de Ville and the searsucker social all for the participating, however, I have been feeling the need to drop out of the scene for a while to do my own thing, and expand my horizons if you may.

I have been getting after it all year on the XC tip, to switch things up a bit am going to do some DH and some touring. Kind of opposite ends of the spectrum, but if you know me, I dont buy into the whole idea of "XC", "DH" or even "AM" riding. I started riding before the choice of bike became an excuse for not pedalling uphill or cutting loose going down. After all, these are limits you are putting on your own life and do nothing more than cheat you out of a good time. This weekend I plan on doing some good ole fashioned mountain biking.

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