Thursday, April 28, 2011


It took me almost 20 years to accept the fact that I suck at it and probably always will. Its not that I dont know how to ride a bike or lack the fitness required to do well, but I lack the ambition and mental game needed to be the top dog. In a nutshell, I just dont care and realize I never did. I have always been perfectly content being "moto filler." I love running into old friends and making new ones on the trails. I used to travel all over the country to ride for 15 minutes and then one day i woke up and thought, "What the heck am I doing?" I drive all night, get all stressed out, and end up getting my butt kicked b/c I havent slept and have no money to eat, when I could be out joy riding for an entire day.

With this being said, I do have a few things on my calander this year including the Michaux races since it is 40 miles of riding on amazing trails within 2 hours of home. Fixed gear riding is the only way I can justify it. I will be at the Hundred in some form or other, this Enduro thing Ross is putting on has caught my attention. Hard tail class, Ross? I will make an appearance at Le Tour and maybe Soup-D at Hoo Ha. That is a very skepticle "maybe." Man, it looks like a lot now that I see it on plastic. Gonna have to trim that list a bit. Must make time to joy ride.

All of that being said, Michaux is going to be a barrel of monkeys...

...or just a wheel barrow full of them.

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  1. YOU'RE a monkey, bb. Get your eyes checked.