Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Mumbling

Sitting, seven years stagnant and completely oblivious to the fact. Three weeks out in the desert is enough to change any man, but I only know my experience. And of that experience only a few things seem certain, while others are just clouded interractions. Some still bounce around in the old brain pan waiting for that "ah ha" moment to arrive where those thoughts too bring some kind of brilliance or change or substance. Out in that desert, something happened. Call it a vision, a feeling, an epiphany, but I did not notice it as it all went down. I felt oddly at home amoungst the deranged desert dwellers, as I shed my scaley, city skin, learning to live life free once again. I quickly adopted their way of life and saw through the eyes of a different man. Somewhere along the road, the famed "route 66" on the way out, I left all of my crap behind. The job, the romance, the bills. Nothing left but to experience all the west had to offer. As we stopped in towns along the way, I tried to see life as the locals saw it. It was hard and sometimes I could feel their pain. Seeing anti- Government graffiti on abandoned gas stations in a town that was fueled by people passing through en route to that promised land by the sea. I understand the frustration. My reality is very different from theirs.

It has only been in these days, weeks and months since my return do I notice the effect. Taking things as they come and shying away from tension. That is, tension in the sense of trying to "force" things to go my way and just following the flow of life. I find myself reaching more for the pen than the camera. An inward transition toward deliberate thought ever so difficult to capture with the close of the shutter.
Still uncomfortable, I take pause and seek possiblilities proceeding with excitement into the unknown. This new attitude sees change as opportunity making room for new and wonderful things to enter into my life. "Half full," my glass has plenty of room for things to come and go as they may.

Happy 4/20 you hippies...

Slavation lies within...

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  1. You have an awesome writing style, it's really enjoyable to read. You summed up the desert / western lifestyle perfectly. Keep it up!

    -A past native Arizonian