Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Been spending some time down along the river again since the weather is getting a bit more mild. Last weekend I took a casual spin on the dirt trails where I hadnt ventured since the fall.

This weekend, Tennessee was down from the big city up north for the half marathon. She came in for the good haircut and then hung out with some of her peeps, before I called it a night in order to rise for a ride with the MORE crew in the Shed. I opted for the fixed mountaineering bicycle and am finally getting the log overs that had been giving me troble on a bike of the fixed gear variety. Still not an expert by any stretch, but stoked to be able to get through some chunky, technical bits with the pedals still turning. After a day of respectable duration in the saddle, I returned home, hollered at Tenny and friends and went night riding on the river to the good ole' Great Escape" for old time sake. Topped off with some late night papusas and then begins the week of house hunting. Also been running through the idea once again of Tour Divide. I am kinda fired up right now, and if the fire continues to burn, it wont be long before I begin whoring myself for sponsors and coverage.

Hey ladies...

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