Monday, March 14, 2011

Another Week, Another Lack- Luster Post

Weather was finally nice enough to get out for a ride on the trails this weekend, but The Shed still had the occasional mud pit. Cant imagine how bad Patapsco was. If you rode there, shame on you. Was gonna head down to ride the Nutt but a last minute casting interview came up for sunday evening, forcing me to stay a bit more local, which is probably gonna be where I do much of my riding for a while. 3 hours or so on the bike was good. The rebuilt fork (thanks Kurt) felt nice and plush, the gears shifted A-ok (but will take some getting used to) and the Nevegal (yup, Im hatin')saw its last ride with yet another tear in it. Still trying to get this whole tire thing figured out, but so far am sold on Ardent LUST in the rear (hoping for a 2.4 in the future to run in front) and am returning to the FR3 which I tried and had mixed feeling for. At least the casing instills some confidence... but really, these are my personal problems, so I will spare you any further dumping of emotions for today.

So yes, a second interview for this TV show where there would take me and Kelly into the backcountry ponds of Oklahoma and teach us to catch large (and by large, we are talkin' 50+ lbs!) catfish with nothing but our hands. I must say, after watching just how they go about this, I had nightmares last night. The way it works is, you wade out into these ponds and stick your bare feet into these catfish holes. The fish, being territorial, will bite your foot at which point you grab them by the gills and pull them up. However, you dont want to go and put your foot in a snake hole and this is where the nightmares came in. I had a run in with some snake 2 years ago, that left me a changed man.

Today I met up with Gwadzilla for some lunch and conversation which was nice. We compared Blurb books over pancakes and eggs and I had way too much coffee. Coffee? Is that how we are starting off our week? Watch out folks.

Over the river and through the woods...

Caught in the act of catching me in the act...

Chris Duncan art? Yes please...


  1. You've totally confounded my co-worker who was reading over my shoulder. Quote of the day- "He's a badass mountain biker and hairdresser from DC, and he's going to be in a catfish noodling reality show"

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  3. 29er tires are a different beast. weight weenie crap. I went through over 20 tires last year. Thats like a grand! Granted, the Bontis have a guarrantee so I ended up with a good deal of free tires, but still. Its all about who has a tough casing with the 29er stuff. for me at least. We are supposed to be riding EF next weekend

  4. how did you get concussed? and when were those pics taken? I rode there in '95 ish but it looked much dif. I removed the comment as to keep fools from going on the hunt.