Thursday, February 24, 2011

A New Season is Upon Us

I have been saying for at least a month now that 2011 is going to be my year and so far, everything has been coming up Milhouse. Its not even March yet and I already preparing for a good season on the bike. Been doing a fair amount of hiking considering the time of year and am back in Bikram classes, not to mention still being fit from my westward journey. I could go on but let us just stick to riding bikes for now. Lots of big rides already in the works and today I was scoping out this year's race schedule to see what catches my fancy. I will say, no "fitness" races except maybe The Hundred which would be ridden on some kind of jalopy. After a decade hiatus from the DH scene, I am signed up and paid to race the Yee Ha in late April on the hardtail. Been discussing the possibility of a rager that weekend as well, seeing as it will be my birthday weekend which means nothing when you get to a certain age which has come and gone. Then we have the Hoo Ha Super D and probably a couple of those chunky Michaux races that I choked at last year. What's this? A grip sponsor and a full 9 speed kit on the old VD? You know something is brewing.

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