Sunday, January 9, 2011


I was hoping to get out on the bike this weekend, but opted to do some work on the bike before I travel as well as begin packing. The Van Dessel got the poop washed off from last week as well as new brakes, chain, and rubber front and rear. Thinking about bringing a second bike as well. Perhaps the Pugsley for getting away and doing some desert overnighting. Got my skate gear together in the event we happen upon a pool, pipe, or park. Kinda bummed to not have the new bike in tow, but good things come to those who wait. And yes, the waiting is the hardest part. Parts are still coming in regularly but I am still lacking some key bits such as frame, fork, brakes and cranks. Todd at Black Cat should be crazy busy at the moment preparing for the Handbuilt Show next month in Austin, so maybe come March I will have a nice fillet brazed machine together to abuse in the rocks as the ridges begin to grow in. Along the way out west next week, we plan to do a bit of riding in Ozarks and crash at Andrea's family get-away. That will be a nice way to break up the driving. While we are at it, perhaps we can solve the mystery of the dead fish down there.

The frame should be similar to this unit with a few extras...

Speaking of mysteries, I recently recieved seasons 1 and 2 of the original Scooby Doo. While watching these, I couldnt help but think its no wonder I love to investigate abandoned places. Those cats were always doing a bit of B and E when not hanging around the Malt Shop. I just finished looking up ghost towns out Arizona way. My friend Tony from Sac had one he visited on the regular with friends and as a hobby were doing some restorations to the place. I never did get a chance to visit the place.

This was always my favorite episode...

With this clip come my rant about "coin." What is with the new trend at restaraunts rounding my change to the servers liking. For instance; my last visit to Tryst the check came to $12.36. The server brought back $7. Do they just assume I am not going to notice or mind that $.64? I work for tips so I always tip generously but I dont return to establishments where I have this experience. I have had this happen over a half dozen times in the past year and have not returned to any of the offending establishments. Pehaps someone in the biz will stumble upon this rant and get the message.

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