Friday, September 10, 2010

Morning Mayhem

I got back from the SM100 on monday afternoon and befor I even had a chance to unpack, began packing to head up to NYC to do a bit of work and hanging out. I got bored pretty quickly as I was trying not to spend a shit ton of money. What else is there to do there? I looked for shoes, but everyone seems to be jumping on the boat shoe tip this season. No thanks. I stopped into the Lomography store where I picked up a couple of new cameras, saw a few friends and did my work. I left directly from the studio for the train station as I was ready to get out of there. Friday morning was another dawn patrol ride and we kept a brisk pace. First we lost Poz, the Pat and Todd. Chad and I were the 2 remaining riders and rode for at least another hour or so before heading out. We made a little pit stop on the way out where laziness led to dissaster as I didnt drop the saddle for the rhythm section where I slid a bit in the corner then couldnt correct in the air as my seat was in the way. live and learn.

Then this morning en route to work, I was cruising down the bike lane when I was passed by a cab. As he got 3/4 of the way by, he spotted a fare, swerved over and pushed me into a parked car. An altercation unfolded which left me sprinting away with at least 2 cabs in pursuit and cops on the prowel. I crept the alleyways east before heading south again. It would seem the Pugsley attracts trouble. 1 bus, 1 cab, and 3 BMWs. Tomorrow morning should be interesting as well with the Terror at Teaberry 40 miler.

(gwadzilla photo)


  1. Im shaving weight by rocking the U-lock... and yes it did make an appearance