Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Down, But Not Out

"Main force patrol, I'm out of the game. Unable to continue pursuit." The words muttered by "Big Bopper" after a series of crashes in the opening scene of Mad Max came to mind on sunday while riding Iceburg. The week started off good with a strong showing and fast paced ride around the Watershed followed up by a midweek, lightless night ride with Poz and a handfull of others named Jo(h)n at Patapsco. 8 of us gathered in the CCBC lot as the sun set for what was supposed to be a full moon ride, but there was no moon to be found. So much technology in our lives these days, yet sometimes we fail to use it to our advantage. Not a soul in the group bothered to look up what time the moon was to rise. I cant speak for anyone else in the group, but I was most likely using the technology at my fingertips to do something way more important such as updating my status, letting the world know I was on my way to the store to purchase a case of bottled water. Anyway, half of us knew better and brought lights, which were extinguished at the top of Ridge, as they obviously didnt give us much advantage with lightless riders hanging on tight. Poz had an over the bars moment during which his rear tire came inches from hitting me in the face. The pucker factor was high when out front, as it was hard enough trying to find your way, but on top of it, there was a train of riders in tow wondering why the lead rider was on the brakes. Dropping back into the pack, the heart rate slowed, and the brakes cooled, becoming just another car as the train rolled on. After 3 or so hours, 4 of us remained as we climbed to the top of Vineyard and Poz's beverage stash. There was even a soda pop in there for your's truely. Good lookin' out! On the way back to CCBC, I ended up in the drink, soaked from the knees down after a fairly straight forward creek crossing took a turn for the worse. Good times.

The rest of the week consisted of commuting and the warmer temps caused a patch failure with the Slime making a fine mess of things. Sunday consisted of venturing back into the Shed to try and find a way to minimize the road riding with some success. I felt strong and steady starting out, making me think I could drop a tooth in the rear. I made my way over to Iceburg and was having my best showing yet, with no dabs at the halfway point. Then trying to power over a rock, my front wedged sideways, pitching me off. Nothing serious, the kind of thing that happens 5 times on every ride. I stumbled over a rock still holding my handle bars with my left hand. Somewhere along the way while letting go, my finger snagged on something jamming my ring finger and landed in a heap on some logs. I got up and brushed myself off, thinking I had jammed that finger good. When I looked down, I saw my pinky pointed outward at a 45 degree angle. I knew immediately it was broken but initial attempts to reset it failed. The endorphins provided enough relief to ride out the way I came, be it a little bit heavy on the rear brake. So here it is tuesday night, and I am stuffing my face before the midnight cut off as I cant eat anything after that due the instalation of a bit more hardware installed to get me rolling again soon. Hoping to be back in action for the weekend.

Dan enters the danger zone lightless. He cleaned it...

Poz gets some...

I need to get the film developed from sunday...


  1. i know it's sick....but i am sorta hoping you snapped one to document the 45 degrees....yikes!

  2. So there I was on iceburg after it happened. First thought was "I had better get back before this thing really gets to hurting," immediately followed by "I gotta get some pics of this."