Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Chris was a guy I met on Norcal MTBR forums and got to ride with on a few occasions while living out west. He was super nice and always interested in sharing his experiences of routes and trail conditions with others. He also pushed himself to his limits and enjoyed getting out on the less trodden trails of the Sierra foothills for some more adventurous rides. He was also an extreme diabetic and it would appear this affliction may caught up to him this past weekend. He was found unconscious along a trail near Walerga with bruises and abrasions on his face and his blood tester up beside him. It gives some peace of mind to know that he passed doing what he loved to do and I feel the same about some others I have known to pass while on 2 wheels. Chris attended a farewell ride for me in the Sierra foothills and took a good digger, trashing his knee and rear wheel. Others chose to bail for one reason or another, but I remember Chris stuck it out to the bitter end. Although I didnt know Chris very well, I felt like paying homage, so here are a couple images of the man doing what he loved to do...

Rest in Peace

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