Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Punk'd" Agin...

I guess its been exactly a year since I returned, as I attended the SSPBE last year on my first weekend back in town. I didnt know what I was in for and was somewhat disappointed to find out it was a race. However, this is a race in the loosest sense of the word which makes it pretty cool. Heckling is encouraged as well as drunkeness (keg included)if thats your thing, so I figured I would attend again this year to do some riding, heckling, and maybe get a picture or 2, as my racing years are long behind me. The event took place in the Fredrick Watershed and there was a fresh dusting of snow in the mountains. I showed up on my '88 Specialized donning a Briko hairnet and specs, ready to do business.

The event kicked off with a le mans start which led to a short climb up to fire road. I got balled up early trying to pimp someone in the first turn and got stuck in traffic having to take some creative lines to pass.

(Jay D. photo)

From there we went to the towers and dropped down and climbed to Lawnmower Man and decended. A nice long stage where some creative line choice on the descent paid off by passing 4 peeps. On the short climb to Lawnmower Man, another creative line, this time through the trees allowed me to pick up 2 more spots. Things went downhill from there as I sketched out several times and once again fell back back to fill the pack.

Stage 3 dropped down to blue and I was off to a good start, balling up some of the fast guys which had been my plan all along. Here I do battle with fast guy and overall winner Jeff Schalk...

(Ricky D. photo)

Stage 4 was another le mans start, however this time bikes were hung in trees or piled them on top of one another. This didnt slow anyone down as folks just grabbed the easiest bike to get off on. I ended up on fixed gear contraption which made things interesting seeing as my shoes werent compatable with the pedals. It was no surprize to see my bike was one of the last chosen. The madness begins...

(photo by I)

Things got hazy at this point as I resorted to taking pictures, none of which are very interesting. The halfway point was at the top of the old freeride stuff and I sat by the fire and had lunch while other congregated by the keg. Here I have fun on what is still one of my favorite trails out there...

(Jay D. photo)

From there we did a group ride down Upper Canaan to Lower Canaan where a technical challenge was set up. 10 points to clear it, zero if you dab. Here a rider circles the drain...

(Jay D. photo)

Here are your overall winners for points and cutest couple. I have this picture in a heart shaped frame on my nightstand.

(Joe W. photo)

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